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Cheap Futons

Cheap futons are generally what is on the mind of a futon shopper. The typical futon shopper is looking for something easy to use, easy to assemble and cheap. However, some manufacturers do indeed cut corners, and produce low-quality cheap futons that do not stand up to the test of time.

However, there are cheap futon frame manufacturers who do rise to the occasion and produce acceptional products that you can be proud of. This blog will outline some of the particular things that you should look for when shopping for cheap futons.

Research Cheap Futons

Be sure to research retails who offer cheap futons. There are many brick and mortar retail locations that specialize in cheap futons. Be sure to take a good look at the frame and ask questions! However these specialty futon stores are becoming few and far between.

The futon industry has taken to the web to offer hundreds of cheap futons from many manufacturers. When looking online for cheap futons, be sure to read the descriptions, and don’t hesitate to look for the manufacturer’s website. You can find much more information regarding the frame you are looking at on the manufacturer’s official website.

Also, don’t be scarred to call the online retailer who has the cheap futons that you are looking at. If there is no phone number, or you can’t get a hold of them, move on! If you can’t reach someone to ask questions then this retailer is not going to answer when you have a damaged product arrive at your door step.

Manufacturing Cheap Futons

Like stated above, many manufacturers who produce cheap futons will cut corners to reduce costs and gain a higher profit. It is not uncommon for a manufacturer’s model to reduce in quality for a few months.

Majority of the cheap futons in America are imported from China, Indonesia, or even Malaysia. This is done to reduce costs of labor, but in turn takes more time to arrive in America, sometimes upto 3 months.

Cheap Futons at Futon Planet

Futon Planet offers many cheap futons that exceed many of the expectations that customers assume with cheap futons. While other manufacturers will offer cheap futons, Futon Planet continues to offer futon frames that are meant to last!

Futon Mattresses On Platform Beds

Many times customers ask, “can I use a futon mattress on a box spring?”. The answer is yes, but you should take some considerations when it comes to purchasing a futon mattress for use on a box spring or a platform bed.

Airflow In Your Futon Mattress

First, futon mattresses are typically made of cotton and polyester batting, and sometimes feature foam, innersprings and memory foam. If you plan on using a platform bed or a box spring, only one side of your futon mattress is exposed to air and circulation.

In order for your futon mattress to provide the best long-term comfort, there needs to be a particular amount of airflow going in and out of your mattress. Otherwise, moisture may build up inside and all sorts of things may grow and ruin your futon mattress. Be sure to take your futon mattress outside once every few months to give it some sunlight and airflow, and allow it to breathe properly.

Support Your Futon Mattress

Just like a traditional mattress, futon mattresses need support for you and your futon mattress. You should be sure that there are enough slats on your platform bed to be certain that their is proper support. Otherwise, your futon mattress could sink in and create an unwanted valley, creating a poor sleeping surface.

Maintenance and Care For Your Futon Mattress

Nearly all futon mattresses require proper maintenance and care to be certain that your investment gets the most life. Flipping and rotating your futon mattress every few months ensures that you spread the wear of your mattress in an even fashion. Without taking the time to perform this step, can reduce the comfort that you are looking for.

Shipping Futon Mattresses

Futon mattresses are big and heavy making them hard to handle. However if you purchase a futon mattress from Futon Planet, your back will be happy to know that it will arrive at two and half times smaller than when it is full size.

The reason for vacuum packing futon mattresses is to make it easier for either us, the manufacturer, the delivery company, and for you to handle. A full size Venus futon mattress can be vacuum packed down to about a 24″ wide, 16″ deep, and 35″ high. This makes it relatively simple for anyone to handle.

In Japan, where space is sometimes an issue, familes may keep an additional futon mattress available for overnight guests and will vacuum pack their additional mattress to fit inside closets.

Nearly all futon mattresses available on Futon Planet are vacuum packed, no matter who the manufacturer is. Even Otis brand futon mattresses are surprisingly compacted down, even with all the high-density foam material found in their mattresses.

When your futon mattress does arrive, it is suggested that you assemble your futon frame first. After that, then unpack your futon mattress and let it being to re-absorb the air around it. Its quite an interesting sight to see, like a sponge absorbing water.

Rest assured that when you order a futon mattress from Futon Planet it will be much easier to handle when vacuum packed than when it is full size.