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Futon Replacement Parts

If your futon breaks, you can get replacement parts from Futon Planet.  Although Futon Planet does not have every part to repair your old futon, they do carry a lot of important hard to find replacement futon parts.

One of the most common things to break on a wooden futon frame is a part called a “glide” or sometimes also called a “futon roller.”  If this broke your futon, conisider yourself luck. These parts are easily replaced in most cases. Futon glides vary in price, but it is likely the better quality single sided futon rollers cost about $20.00. Oblong futon glides and double sided futon rollers go for about the same price.  Although, futon rollers may not cost much to make, most dealers have a shortage which drives the market price up.

single sided futon rollersoblong futon glidesdouble side futon rollers

Futon hinges can break on metal frames. This are a bit more costly to replace and can cost anywhere from $60-$80 to futon hingesreplace a set.  If only one hinge is broken, it is still recommended you replace both to make sure they work together properly.

complete futon hardware packIf you lose a futon bolt or a barrel nut, you can find those at Futon Planet as well.  There are quantity discounts, so consider buying a couple extra parts or even a complete futon hardware pack.

Visit Futon Planet for more about futon replacement parts.



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