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Small Futons for Small Spaces

When working with a smaller space, your choice in futon furniture can really open up a room. Check out our three suggestions below for great furniture finds for small interior design.

Loveseat Futons: Small Seat, Big Bed

One of the biggest factors when deciding on a futon frame is its size in sofa position. Our first recommendation, the Eureka loveseat lounger, is an armless futon frame with a surprisingly small footprint. The 55″ wide futon loveseat takes up 30% less space than a full size futon frame, yet unfolds to a bed of the same size! This is perfect for second bedrooms that also require small furniture that can sleep guests. Check out this futon video for an example of its operation.

Our second recommendation features a paintable futon frame built of solid tulip poplar hardwood. The Trifold futon frame folds in to a compact 52″ wide when in loveseat shape, yet easily sleeps 2 when folded out to a full size bed. While the conversion is a bit more difficult, the frame is much more sturdy than a typical futon frame and is great for small rooms and guest rooms.

Remember that a loveseat futon frame accommodates a full size mattress that folds over the back. This design saves space in smaller areas and protects your walls from dings and scratches.

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